Royal Peacock

Allow us the pleasure of hosting your gaiety. The Royal Peacock, made with the grace and grandeur, is designed to host any grand moments of your life. The Royal Cocktail Reception is available for you to entertain events of 2000 guests, whereas the Royal Theatre and the Royal Classroom accommodates 2500 and 1100 guests respectively. For smaller parties of 700, you can choose the Royal Banquet.The lavishly decorated space to organize the extravaganza moments of your life.

Golden Eagle

Celebrate any special occasions with Grand Kandyan. Whether it’s a wedding reception, corporate event, or social gathering, the Golden Eagle, is flawlessly created with style and sophistication. The Golden Eagle Cocktail Reception entertains smaller crowds of 600 guests, while the Golden Eagle Theatre and the Golden Eagle Banquet will create the perfect space for 500 and 400 guests duly. For smaller events of 350, the Golden Eagle Classroom will be the suitable choice.The spectacular selection to host a truly memorable event.


Organise the most intimate gathering with us. The Flamingo is the ideal expanse to flock the important people for a simple scene. The Flamingo Cocktail Reception and Theatre will serve a crowd of 500 and 400 people. Meanwhile, the Flamingo Banquet and Classroom will entertain about 300 guests. A unique indoor spot combined with exceptional setting for your day.


Conduct your next conference in a peaceful surrounding. Choose as per guests you need to accommodate, we will ensure you will be having a smooth environment for the day. The Conference Hall Cocktail Reception and Theatre will seat up to 200 guests, while Conference Hall Banquet and Classroom will provide space for 100 guests.Enjoy the extraordinary service that we have on offer for you.