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We sincerely hope that you, your family and friends are well at this difficult time. We are deeply appreciative of your continuous patronage towards the Grand Kandyan hotel and we cannot wait to welcome you back. We know that when things get better you will be eager to get back on the road. As you all know, it is proven that Sri Lanka is on top among the few countries that faced this pandemic successfully. As our country, our hotel is also prepared to achieve even higher standards of cleanliness and hygiene for your wellbeing. Following are the procedures we have taken for the safety of our guests and staff.

General Measures

• Use of the traditional greeting of Sri Lanka, “Ayubowan” at all times in place of shaking hands.

• All staff shall wear face masks while on duty.

• Disinfect all furniture in all service areas after each encounter with guests.

• Disinfect all contact points of guests in all service areas as frequently as possible (At least 4times a day). Eg. Door handles and knobs, telephone receivers, elevator key pad etc. in addition to the routine cleaning.

is sri lanka safe from covid 19

We are 100% VACCINATED & follow Covid safety rules. Visit us. Be assured of a safe holiday at The Grand Kandyan, Kandy.

Guest Services

• Check the temperature of all the guests at the time of check-in.

• If the temperature is above 37 0 C or 98.4, guest will be directed to medical attention.

• Obtain additional information in a form filled with the registration card with information such as country of origin, which flight, seat number, date of arrival in SL, whether guest have visited any of the infected countries over the past 3 weeks and next destination.

• Advice guests to report to the front desk if they develop fever (with or without respiratory symptoms) and the front desk shall follow the instructions provided to them to guide the guest for further medical attention.

• All specific instructions/information with regards to Covid-19 control measures shall be made available in each room in a special information sheet.

• Concierge team will sanitize their hands immediately after handling guest luggage.

Guest Rooms

• TV remote controls in all guest rooms shall be covered with polythene covers so that they could easily be disinfected.

• Disinfect tables, chairs and other contact points like door knobs, telephone receivers, faucets etc in addition to the routine cleaning.

• All guest key cards shall be disinfected before issuing.

Kitchen and Food Service

• All chefs and other supportive staff will wash their hands before handling foods.

• Thoroughly wash all raw fruits and vegetables before preparing.

• Use gloves, or tongs when handling ready to eat foods.

• Disinfect all direct food contact surfaces such as preparation tables, cutting boards, knives, tongs etc. before each encounter.

• Cover & seal all foods during storage, temporary storage & transport.

• All foods in the buffet shall be closed to avoid contaminations by guests.

• Person will be allocated to serve food in the buffet and do not allow for the same utensils to be used by all guests (Spoons, forks, etc) as this will lead to cross contamination.

• Alternatively ensure that all the guests either wash or sanitize hands before serving themselves at the buffet and intermittently change the serving utensils in the buffet.

• All cutleries will be inserted in the napkin cutlery pocket.

• Strict implementation of using face masks, gloves and other personal protective equipment especially by the cleaning staff and housekeeping attendants.

Restaurants & Bars

• Disinfect all the surfaces of chairs and tables after each use.

• All workers and customers should maintain at least 1 meter distance inside the restaurants and bars. Furniture will be arranged accordingly.

• All employees will wear face masks.

• Display the menu either by TV screen, display board or under the glass pad of the table.

• Discourage customers not to share crockery and culinary equipment.

• All cleaning staff will wear gloves and masks.

• Waiters shall wash their hands frequently to prevent any cross contamination.

• Culinary equipment and crockery will be thoroughly washed with soap and water.

Service Counter

• Always wear a mask.

• Keep a minimum distance of one meter from the customer.

• Encourage customers to use the credit/debit card, ask the customer to insert it and also to remove it from the machine.

• The officer in the counter will not be sharing the pen used to sign the documents (The customer should use his/her own pen).

• In case the customer does not carry a pen he may use the pen of the cashier but it will be disinfected immediately afterwards.

• Keep an alcohol rub/hand sanitizer by the side (one per each person in the counter) and will use it as frequently as possible or alternatively wear gloves.


• Gym may be kept open adhering to the basic guidelines above but all equipment will be disinfected between users.

Cleaning and Disinfecting Surfaces

• Maintain regular housekeeping practices, including routine wiping/cleaning and disinfecting of surfaces, equipment, and other items in the work environment.

• After cleaning by damp dusting/wet mopping or washing with soap and water or a general purpose detergent,

• All metal surfaces shall be disinfected with minimum of 70% v/v alcohol solution.

• All non-metal surfaces are disinfected with 0.1% sodium hypochlorite solution.

• The door knobs/handles shall be cleaned and disinfected before every shift and every three hours.

• Floors, office equipment and furniture shall be cleaned with disinfectant a minimum of twice a day. (After every shift in places where there are shift duties.)

Please do not hesitate to contact us to understand your potential travel plans or travel related concerns.

Your Safety Is Our Priority!

Safe and Secure Tourism

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